24 karat gold wine in Dubai

24 karat gold wine in Dubai

Dubai is very well known for its excesses and this new drink has gold in it for no other reason! It’s fun, it’s fantastic, it’s frivolous, it’s totally Dubai!


Lussory Gold is a sparkling non-alcoholic white wine. It is a halal beverage, which means 0% percent of alcohol content, meeting the religion’s regulations and approved by the community. The buzz is making a real splash in the city known for opulence. The product was launched a couple of weeks ago at Dubai’s popular eatery Bystro, which will offer a variety of Lussory-inspired cocktails on its menu, as well as bottles for purchase at $150 each. Bystro’s owner Josh Benson commented: “For people who cannot drink, it’s a nicer thing to have with a steak than a Pepsi.”


Alcohol-free wines aren’t new in Dubai, as for religious reasons there are plenty of options for those who drink pure grape juice. But Dubai’s golden wine brings the alcohol-free market to a new level. The wine is made in Spain by Dismark Products, using locally harvested grapes and a German technique to remove the alcohol. Dismark has a uniquely natural recipe, free of glycerin, sugar and additives that are found in most other non-alcoholic wines. 


The product, which became a hit in Dubai,  will make attempt to conquer the western world this year and the sales manager at Dismark Products said that the results have already been very positive.  But the alcohol-free nature of this product won’t thwart its potential success in Europe and in the United States? According to a recent survey, people traditionally drink because they want to feel the effects of alcohol. Maybe a new trend is to be launched next: those who drink the precious metal, rather than wearing something like a Bulgari necklace.

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