“Girandole”: the 150.000 Euros Bluetooth earpiece

“Girandole”: the 150.000 Euros Bluetooth earpiece

“Girandole” is the newest creation of the designer Anna Biton, inspired by Isabelle’earrings (granddaughter of Luis XV). This is so far one of the most expensive and sophisticated item for working women.


The design is very elaborated and the jewel is made of 274 diamonds, three out of that valued with the weight of 2.5 carats. The body of the handset is made of white gold. The designer Biton says “ Girandole Headset is not only very comfortable, but also incredibly stylish”. Girandole is very easy to use indeed, you need just need both pushing the central bottom and using voice commands.

According to Anna Biton, this jewel is a mix of uroboros (ancient symbol of self-reflexivity or cyclicality) and personality of Anna Biton’s great-grandfather, Bastian Ouvri, Parisian alchemist of the XX century. This discover influenced the designer and her creative process, adding to her creations something extravagant such as the Girandole in this case.


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