Gold-Based Beauty Treatments

Gold-Based Beauty Treatments

Gold has always seen as a symbol of wealth. Now, it continues to play a larger part in the luxurious world. The beauty industry has found other benefits of gold.

This precious metal has become an important ingredient in beauty treatments. Many women pay hundreds of dollars for a treatment with a mixture of herbs and minerals containing some forms of gold. Do you start to wonder what the real benefits of this emerging trend are?

The featured property of gold is the anti-inflammatory ability. According to experts, gold can help slow down the process of skin aging. Once injected or applied on to the skin, gold can noticeably decrease skin inflammation. As a result, it reduces the secretion of melanin pigment as well as aging spots.

This new treatments are very popular among luxurious beauty spas and therapy centers around the world since they are offered. The custom facials, which cost more than $300, are consisted of a serum of 24 carat gold to help strengthen your skin.

Beauticians also revealed that gold is great for ultra-sensitive skin as well as broken capillaries. This amazing product also makes your skin look luminous. The gold-based beauty treatments are performed using a small vibrator to help deep-clean and infuse the gold serum into the skin. A mild electrical current is also used to stimulate muscle contraction.

As women will pay any price to maintain their appearances, the booming gold treatment is expected to continue as long as there are no other beauty treatments to replace.


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