Next Glass app - Your Virtual Sommelier

Next Glass app – Your Virtual Sommelier


There are a variety of wines divided into many classifications and from many different regions around the world. The varieties of grapes and strains of yeasts cause each wine to possess a unique taste. Everyone has their own favorite wine list according to their preferences. However, if you want to try a new bottle of wine, there is a chance that you might not like it. It is not easy to choose a bottle of wine based on ingredients and descriptions. Even a sommelier who knew you well might suggest a bottle that you will not like.




Next Glass application will help you choose a bottle of wine and beer using a scientific analysis which should be more accurate than a guess or recommendations made by human. The app will keep track of your tastes and your background in order to suggest you a bottle that suits your personal preferences. The analysis is based on a database of 20,000 wines and beers 4500, as of now. The app will use them to as comparisons to find the correct wines and beers according to user’s tastes.


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Kurt Taylor, CEO and founder of Next Glass, revealed that the idea of Next Glass originated from a bad bottle of wine. When he and his father were having dinner, a sommelier who was acquainted with them had suggested them a bottle of wine. It turned out that they did not enjoy that wine at all. As a result, he wanted to find a better way to offer wine recommendations, without making mistakes.




Once you’ve installed the app, you must register a new user which you can also use your Facebook account. Then, you have to set up your “taste profile” by rating wines and beers that you have already tasted using the one to four star scale, so the app can learn more about your preferences and what you like. It is important to be honest with yourselves when you give rating. You should not be influenced by the rating of other people. Besides, you should be consistent, so the algorithm can find out and keep track out the compositions that you like and dislike accurately. The taste profile is very important. You should rate as many bottles as possible in many different types. The more wine and beer you rate, the smarter Next Glass will become and give you more accurate recommendations.


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After that, you can use Next Glass app to evaluate new bottles of wine and beer that you would like to try. You can do this by open the app and use your device’s camera to scan the label of a bottle. The label should be facing forward and fill the entire screen. After few seconds, the app will provide you a score ranging from 1 to 100 telling whether you will enjoy the bottle. You can also search by just typing in the brand via search tool. If the bottle is not in the database, you can make a request for it to be added. If you want to discover something new, there is a feature that will provide you a list of wines and beers that receive high score according your taste profile. If your friends use the app as well, with social integration, you can the app to evaluate whether your friends will like the bottle, according to their taste profiles.


Next Glass app is available for both Android and iOS.



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