The World's Most Expensive Belt Buckle from Roland Iten

The World’s Most Expensive Belt Buckle from Roland Iten

When we think about luxury toys and collectibles for men, we often think about cars, watches, and artworks. Roland Iten, a company based in Geneva, Switzerland, has turned simple men’s accessories into unique mechanical items. Iten started by creating the world’s first mechanically performing belt buckle in 1996. After that, Roland Iten has created other accessories for men like cufflinks and credit card cases using the same mechanical performance concept as well. It may be the only company in the present that manufactures “Mechanical Luxury for Gentlemen”. The patented mechanisms of Roland Iten is similar to those you find a high-quality, Swiss watch using only the finest materials and world class Swiss craftsmanship.




The newest creation of Roland Iten for the year 2014 is the Roland Iten Calibre R822 “Predator” mechanical belt buckle. The spectacular Calibre R822 “Predator” belt buckle maintains his concept of mechanical luxury with sophisticated mechanisms of a Swiss timepiece and high-quality materials. The belt buckle allows you to change the leather strap quickly and easily with only one hand to tighten and loosen the leather strap. Despite several complex mechanisms and components, this belt buckle is self-cleaning without any need for lubricant.




The Roland Iten Calibre R822 “Predator” belt buckle’s body is made of 18-karat white gold, decorated with rose gold and 387 baguette-cut and round-cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 14.15 ct. The mechanical platform is made from high-tech titanium. The belt buckle is 100 percent Swiss made. There are 167 separate components. The two rows of eight track wheels guide the tang to slide precisely and securely. A tensioner and a dampener on ball bearings helps make sure that the operation is done smoothly.




Apart from the sophisticated and beautiful design, the belt buckle is also ergonomics. It works better and faster than other basic belt buckles. The wearer can easily change the belt leather strap without any delay. The wear can also tighten and loosen the belt easily with just one hand as well. There are also security mechanisms to prevent the wearer from releasing the belt accidentally as well. These mechanisms allow you to wear the belt more comfortably. When you sit down, you can easily loosen your belt. Then, you can easily tighten it again when you stand up.




The Roland Iten Calibre R822 “Predator” belt buckle is priced at 450,000 Swiss francs or around US$465,000. There will be only three pieces created in this world. The price does not include a leather belt. In the past, Roland Iten had designed a belt buckle in collaboration with the legendary Bugatti Automobile Company. The R22 Bugatti Calibre was the previous most expensive belt buckle in the world which costs around CHF 75,000 (US$77,400), and only eleven pieces were made. These fascinated belt buckles need some learning curve in order to use them properly. After spending some time playing with the product, you will find the most effective way for yourselves which can be different from how others or Roland Iten himself use them. It will become like your own unique product.

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